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Smart TV

Error Diagnosis : Sometimes your device doesn't start and gives error.Let us know and we are ready to help you out.

Streaming Stick

Activation : After installing your device, you have to activate the device. Enter the activation code on the TV screen and it will get activated. In case of any issues, feel free to contact our experts and we are ready to help.

TV Box

We’re a commercial organization that works to provide live agent services for clients who are looking to either install or use streaming devices in their own homes.

The team guarantee

We believe in our agents, their expertise, but most importantly their solutions. You’ll be able to get a guarantee from us for a year over their offered and submitted guidance. Feel free to get in touch if there are lingering issues but we are certain you’ll be just fine.

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We work 24/7. Yes, you read that right. You’ll be able to use our services whenever you want, wherever you are. If it’s late at night or early in the morning, or an odd hour you’d like to get plugged into your TV and you’re encountering issues or what not, you’ll be able to contact us and our agents for help. Just do it.

Our Service Guarantee

As an organization and business that operates exclusively through providing live agent feedback, guidance, and support, we know that trust is the key and essential part to ensuring you’ll be happy to work with us, and that you’ll choose us in the future if anything goes wrong.

Error identification

With the world changing so fast, and technology evolving at an unprecedented pace, the average person’s use of technology has become exponentially higher than in the previous decade. At home, many users are starting to use streaming devices alongside their regular TV to open themselves up to an entire avenue of enjoyment through the added variety of TV shows, movies, and music being available.

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